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Ribe Vikingcenter 2010 - 1300 aniversario de Ribe

La ciudad danesa de Ribe celebra este año su 1300 aniversario, transformando su tradicional "mercado vikingo", que duraba un fin de semana, en un extenso programa que se desarrollará entre mayo y octubre.



Ribe VikingeCenter is celebrating the town's 1300th anniversary by focusing on the founding of Ribe and the town's international trade connections.

The program for 2010 is chock-full of exciting new events, which we look forward to welcoming you to.

Click here for an overview of the 2010 programme

In 2010 Ribe will be celebrating its 1300th anniversary as a town. The oldest town both in Denmark and Scandinavia had its beginnings in a market place by Ribe River, growing throughout the Viking Age to become a busy metropolis with international trade connections. This great story comes to life in the completely authentic Viking environments at Ribe VikingeCenter, where you can be a part of it too!

We set out on our first voyage of discovery of the season in May, when Ribe VikingeCenter hosts the largest Viking market in Denmark. Scandinavian Vikings and keen traders from abroad fill the market place to bursting, bringing with them nine days of lively atmosphere, complete with the whinnying of horses, music, warriors fighting, archery, Viking food and of course wares to be purchased from the many market stalls.

Meet skipper Carsten Hviid of the Sea Stallion (Havhingsten), on his visit to Ribe VikingeCenter in June! The Sea Stallion of Glendalough is the world's largest reconstructed Viking longship. In 2007/8, with Carsten Hviid at the helm, it made the spectacular voyage from Roskilde in Denmark to Dublin and back again. No doubt he has some good stories up his sleeve, and some good advice for Ribe VikingeCenter's own little ship, Gisla, when it goes out sailing on Ribe River.

In July you can see beer-swilling Vikings on horseback, when the Icelandic horses arrive at Ribe VikingeCenter. Like this Icelandic race, the Vikings had a reputation for being strong and tough, and not backing down if a fight was required. And it does in fact look like that is exactly what's required at the Viking Centre, where you can be a witness to "the Fight for the Market Place". Ribe's Vikings throw themselves into a bloody battle against the Frisian merchants in an effort to gain control of the market place - stop by to see who wins.

The market place in Viking Age Ribe drew skilled craftsmen and traders from the four corners of the earth. Exotic wares and an inspiring atmosphere flourished in Ribe in those times, just as they do here in August, when you too can experience the exciting meeting of foreign cultures.

Throughout the season Ribe VikingeCenter will also be focusing on the most important and essential items of the Vikings' daily life, such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, pottery, knives and bread. Making these things took time and involved many hands and many skills. Lend a hand and learn even more about the Viking Age.

At Ribe VikingeCenter no one expects you to be a passive spectator. Every week there are alternating try-for-yourself activities, so you can really get to grips with the Viking Age and make your own discoveries about the golden age of Scandinavia.

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Anónimo dijo...

Qué pedazo de "mercado" para que dure de mayo a octubre.
Tengo entendido que esto no es exclusivo de los países nordicos. Tengo una amiga holandesa que durante las navidades fue a visitar a su familia y me contó que en un pueblo cercano a su casa, del que no recuerdo el nombre, celebran con asiduidad una especie de mercado de temática vikinga.
Ya podrían hacer algo así por aquí, además de la romería de Catoira, estoy segura que asistiría mucha gente interesada en estos temas.


Manuel Velasco dijo...

Una ciudad con más de 1000 años ya puede permitirse algún que otro lujo.

En nuestras tierras hacen lo que pueden El Clan del Cuervo y el Grupo Taranis (y tal vez alguien más). Sé que hubo un intento de hacer algo similar a lo de Catoira en Gijón, pero la autoridad competente dijo que no.

- El Clan del Cuervo
- Grupo Taranis

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