sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

Cine. Egill: The Last Pagan

Película de animación basada en la historia de Egill Skallagrimsson

Wild and uncontrollable Icelander Egill Skallagrimsson is not a handsome man. When the god Odin hears his plea to become a great warrior, Odin promises Egill he'll become famous indeed -- not as the warrior he wishes, but as a poet. Words may well come in handy when Egill sneaks aboard the ship his brother, the handsome Thorolf, is sailing from Iceland to Norway. Thorolf seeks to marry Asgerd, the woman Egill secretly loves. Though their family has been feuding with Norway's King, Harald, Thorolf hopes the marriage will make him the King's man and pledges his loyalty to Harald's son, Eirik.

CASTMichael Madsen, Adrian Paul,
Lili Bordan, Tamer Hassan, Jeremy Hayward-Grau
PRODUCERSErik Novak, Adrian Paul,
Zoltan Furedi, Arnar Thorisson, Hilmar Sigurdsson
PRODUCTION COMPANIESLitchthof Productions Ltd.,
CAOZ HF., Filmblips Inc.
PRODUCING COUNTRIESHungary, Iceland, Canada
WRITERSTamas Beregi, Mark Richards


Novela de Manuel Velasco basada en la misma saga

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