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Viking Brewing


Viking Brewing Company, established in 1994, was the first microbrewery in Northwest Wisconsin. Viking brought back that time-honored tradition of a local, family run brewery that takes pride in brewing unique and outstanding beers; over 22 different styles. 

Year Round Beers

Blonde is a Rye Pilsner brewed with flaked rye. Nice subtle aroma of buttery and toasted malts, aromatic hops, along with some floral, citrus and honey notes. The taste starts crisp with the rye and ends with a nice spicy hop dry finish.

Vienna Woods is a Vienna Lager with a subtle, a but complex flavor of roasted, sweet malts and a calm bitterness with dulled orange and deep woodish tangs with a crisp, lightly creamy finish.

CopperHead is a Märtzen, ruby lager brewed with caramel malts producing sweet, buttery, nutty & fruity flavors. It also has a slight burnt orange with a dark coppery influence.

"Breakfast Beer!" Whole Stein a coffee, oatmeal, milk porter. Sweet dark roasted malts, dark chocolate tanginess and lovely notes of oatmeal and molasses then finishes with a nice rich easy coffee flavor.

Big Swede is a Swedish Imperial Stout brewed to the maltier side. Nose of vanilla, coffee, currants and wood. Nutty & creamy, a hint of molasses, dark fruits, carob, & a whiff of whiskey.

Seasonal Beers
Mørketid (The Norwegian name for midwinter polar darkness) is a German Schwartz beer (black beer) Sweet chocolaty nose with slightly spiced notes up front leading to maple and molasses flavors and a hint of nuts with a quick dry finish.

Invader is a Doppel Bock with a caramel apple laden nose and aromas of allspice, heather and wildflowers. The taste starts with a bold caramel malt and apple character with a woody and floral finish.
Honey Pale Ale is an English-style brewed with local Basswood honey from the Talking Oak Farm in Prairie Farm, WI. It is a clear golden color. Flavor of soft honey English toffee with a floral & grassy bitterness rolled outward, leaving grasses and honey at the finish.

Lime Twist is a light and refreshing American style wheat beer made with a twist of lime. It is very refreshing - a perfect summer beer.

Dim Whit is a Belgian-style Whit Beer spiced with coriander and ginger. Golden Color with a huge airy meringue white head. The flavor is coriander, toasty pale malts, nice ginger, and yeastywheat. Clean, refreshing, & light.
Abby Normal is a Trippel Abby-style Ale. Flavor is sweet toasted buttery malts, honey and some candi sugars. Also spicy with notes with green apples and molasses and a floral hop garni.

Rauch is an Oktoberfest beer made with Beechwood smoked malt. Mild aroma is sweet with a bit of smoke and fruit. Flavor is nice, sweet and smokey, some dark fruit and a smoke in the finish.
JuleØL is a Scandinavian Christmas Beer - a light lager delicately spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg & sweet orange rind. Slightly sweet light citrus fruit followed by a mild dry spiced finish.

December & January
Wow! An Awesome Beer! Hot Chocolate is a Chocolate Stout brewed with lots of Fair Trade organic cocoa & cayenne pepper. A real soft beer with light roasty flavors with good dark chocolate, & coffee notes and a nice, spicy, peppery finish.

22 Oz. Bottles

Mjød is a Honey Brackett; the 1st brewed in the US. It is like a Mead - a honey wine with malt. Flavor is a sweet honey. Light caramel malts. Grassy hoppiness. Apple, orange, semi-tart tangy finish.
Mjød is special to us at Viking because it was the first beer that we brewed.

Play Meadshock (lower left side of their web page) Try to keep the Vikings' tankards full of mead before they become angry and start smashing the tables. Good Luck!

HoneyMoon is our 2nd Brackett. Light with delicate flowery flavors. It is much like a light, honey champagne. The tradition of the honeymoon began with the wedding couple drinking honey wine for one month (moon).

Berserk is an English Barleywine. Intensely malty, and fruity with notes of plumb, apricot, raisin, apple & a hint of vanilla. Finishes with a lingering earthy bitterness.

Berserk was named after the Berserkers who were the fiercest of all of the Vikings, which is also where the term "Going Berserk" comes from.

Preparation of a bland beer (patented):
A method of preparing a lager beer having a mild, bland, less aromatic character comprises conducting the fermentation of the wort for about 60 to 200 hours under suitable conditions to maintain the dissolved carbon dioxide concentration in the fermenting wort at about 2.1 to about 4.0 cc of dissolved carbon dioxide per cc of wort. In a preferred embodiment, the fermentation of the wort is conducted at a temperature of 60 deg. to 85 deg. F. with an appropriate overpressure of from 5 to 40 psig of carbon dioxide. The beer thus obtained has a mild character and can be used, if desired, as a base for flavored beverages.


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