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Cervezas de Odin Brewing Company

Odin Brewing embraces the exploratory spirit of the ancient Vikings. We set sail in December 2009, during the height of a global economic storm, and have quickly become one of the fastest growing breweries in Washington, with our beer is now sacking and pillaging cities throughout Washington and British Columbia. We have taken a different tack than many new brewers, and rather than going for a number of very big, single batch beers, we are focused on food-friendly beers in a smaller lineup that is readily available year round. We realized a long time ago that food-friendly by no means needs to be less flavorful, and we actually add ingredients to widen the palate of our beers above and beyond their original styles.

Name: Odin’s Gift
Style: Nordic Amber Ale
ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 28
Availability: Year Round
Tasting Notes: 
Aroma – Fresh, medium hop, rich malt
Top note – berries, caramel, malt body
Middle note – mild chocolate, juniper
End note – crisp bitterness, clean refreshing finish
Color – Deep Ruby
The Norse culture of the early middle ages had a rich and complex set of gods.  The chief of all the Norse gods was Odin.  He is usually pictured as an old, long-haired and one-eyed wiseman, as legend holds that he sacrificed one of his eyes in order to drink from the fountain of all knowledge and wisdom.
More relevant to us however, Odin once transformed himself into an eagle and flew in to the land of men.  Sprinkling “magic dust” on some clay vessels that were storing the grain harvest from that year, this “magic dust,” along with some water transformed the grain into the first beer.  Hence, Odin gave the “Gift” of fermentation to mankind.  Our beer is a tribute to this rich and complex mythology and a ‘Thank you’ for his gift.
Odin’s Gift – Nordic Amber Ale is a bold yet balanced filtered ale that can be paired with a variety of great foods or enjoyed by itself. It is brewed in small, hand-crafted batches with just the right amount of hops and juniper berries to deliver a unique and fresh aroma, flavor and finish.

Name: Thor’s Equinox
Style: Dark Belgian Strong
ABV: 9.0%
IBU: 20
Availability: Super-Seasonal (Oct – Mar)
Tasting Notes:
Aroma – dark fruits and port-like notes
Top note – strong maltiness and some molasses
Middle note – malt sweetness and banana
End note – light tartness and wood
Color – dark nut brown
Thor was arguably the most loved, admired and feared of all the Norse gods.  We all know of his powers over thunder and lightning, but there is a story in the Poetic Edda that we feel is much more appropriate.  As the tale goes, Thor woke one morning to find his hammer, Mjolnir, missing.  With the assistance of Loki, Thor quickly discovered that his hammer had been stolen by Thrym, the king of a race of Giants, and that his only means of retrieval of Mjolnir, was to have Freya agree to become Thrym’s wife.  Now while Freya was promiscuous, even she had her standards, and after refusing to take part in the exchange, Thor dressed in a bridal gown and veil and presented himself in the role of Freya.  Thrym bought in to the ruse, and upon presenting Mjolnir to Freya (secretly Thor) in the exchange, Thor threw off the veil and gown and destroyed the Giants en masse.  I guess what we are trying to say, is that behind our beer’s thinly veiled and beautiful facade, lay a full bodied ale that can pack a punch!
Thor’s Equinox – Belgian Strong Ale is a brew that is big in flavor without the chewy body holding you back from finishing the whole glass. We have stepped back from the emphasis on yeasty phenols to showcase malt and a unique woody note in the finish, creating a beer that is still Belgian, yet can satisfy stout and strong porter lovers as well.
Name: Viking Gold
Style: Extra Pale Ale
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 25
Availability: Year Round
Tasting Notes: 
Aroma – grainy malt with Northwest hop aroma
Top note – earthy bite
Middle note – citrus and light creaminess
End note – hoppy tang, wheaty texture
Color – light straw.
Among her many talents, Freya was a shape-shifter and could take on multiple forms.  Our Viking Gold pays homage to this, as the beer represents a subtle shift to Freya’s Gold Kolsch Style Ale (but still enough so to disguise the beer as something very different).  The result is an ale that is now capable of dealing with spices, creams and heavier sauces.
Viking Gold – XPA (Extra Pale Ale) Is a ‘best of all worlds’ beer. Using American and German malt and hop blends, this brew takes on a unique Craft/Import blended style with a rich malt forward aroma, a full flavor of citrus and light bread, and a combined bite of yeast, noble hops and faint wheat that quickly passes to a tangy, very refreshing finish.

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