domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Amon Amarth. Deceiver of the Gods

Noveno album de Amon Amarth publicado por Metal Blade en junio del 2013.

Johan Hegg − lead vocals
Johan Söderberg − guitars
Olavi Mikkonen − guitars
Ted Lundström − bass
Fredrik Andersson − drums

Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) − guest vocals on "Hel"

Production: Andy Sneap (producer, mixing, mastering)
Artwork: Tom Thiel 
  1. Deceiver of the Gods
  2. As Loke Falls
  3. Father of the Wolf
  4. Shape Shifter
  5. Under Siege
  6. Blood Eagle
  7. We Shall Destroy
  8. Hel (featuring Messiah Marcolin of ex-Candlemass)
  9. Coming of the Tide
  10. Warriors of the North
BONUS: "Under the Influence" EP (Limited 2 CD digipak edition)
  1. Burning Anvil of Steel
  2. Satan Rising
  3. Snake Eyes
  4. Stand Up to Go Down 
Vídeo con el audio del disco + bonus EP

Father of the Wolf

So he found the heart in barren land

It was beating, still alive
He held it gently in his hand
And looks up to the sky

With evil thoughts of vicious kind

And sinister disdain
His thoughts of bringing back to life
The witch that dies in flames

Serpent’s kin

Born of sin
Dark within
Father of the wolf

He then devoured Gullveig’s heart

And she was born again
They brought to life an evil force
A beast that can’t be tamed

With dark deception in his soul

Betrayal of the Gods
The bane of Oden now is born
Born of evil blood

Serpent’s kin

Born of sin
Dark within
Father of the wolf

They brought to life a malicious force

A vile beast that cannot be tamed
Fimbultyr’s nemesis now is born
A vile beast that can’t be restrained


Deception in his soul!
Betrayal of the Gods!
Oden’s bane is born!
Born of evil blood!

Serpent’s kin

Born of sin
Dark within
Father of the wolf

Screenplay By: Daniel J.W. Hughes
Story By: Ramon Boutviseth
Starring: Davis Osborne & Ryan Barringer
Executive Producers: Brian Slagel & Justin Arcangel
Produced & Directed by Ramon Boutviseth

As Loke Falls (with lyrics)
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