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Black Sabbath / Tyr

TYR /  Black Sabbath
I.R.S. Records, 1990

  • Tony Iommi – lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, production
  • Geoff Nicholls – keyboards
  • Tony Martin – lead & backing vocals
  • Cozy Powell – drums, percussion, production
  • Neil Murray – bass guitar
  • Additional personnel

    • Sean Lynch – engineering
    • Leif Mases – mixing
    • Tony Cousins – mastering
All lyrics written by Tony Martin, all music composed by Black Sabbath.

1."Anno Mundi"  6:12
2."The Law Maker"  3:55
3."Jerusalem"  4:00
4."The Sabbath Stones"  6:48
5."The Battle of Tyr" (instrumental)1:09
6."Odin's Court"  2:42
7."Valhalla"  4:43
8."Feels Good to Me"  5:44
9."Heaven in Black"  
Vídeo con los 3 temas vikingos: Video with the 3 viking songs:
The Battle of Tyr - Odin's Court - Valhalla (subtitulados en español)

5. The Battle Of Tyr


6. Odin's Court

As you walk alone the night surrounds you like a shroud
The dreams you had were once of love and being proud
Misty horizons block your vision of the world
But the raven's eyes will show you all you need to know

The land you loved is now so barren and so cold
The name of God rings out so high in your soul
This time is masters will lead us by the sword
And should we fait them all prevails in Odin's court

7. Valhalla

Leading us on, to the land of Eternity
Riding the cold cold winds of Valhalla

The Kingdom of Odin is the Kingdom of Gods
Where only souls of the brave may rest in peace
But someone among them had the skill of deceit
And raised the hand that would open the road to Hell

When the winds of Valhalla run cold
Be sure that the blood will start to flow
When the winds of Valhalla run cold

The ring has been broken and a soul must be saved
Among the bravest of men, who rides to Hell
The longships are sailing and the chariots ride
And yes the anger of Thor will serve you well


Raise your hands
Reach and Valhalla will save your soul
Raise your eyes
And Odin will lead us on

They say that history repeats itself
Upon the year of the seventh Century
Well nobody knows no you never can tell
So you'd better run now and hide away


Curiosidad: El grupo feroés Tyr se llama así debido a que sus componentes escucharon este disco cuando eran adolescentes y descubrieron que se podía mezclar el rock y las historias vikingas.

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