viernes, 10 de julio de 2015

Dreams of Valhalla

Dreams of Valhalla

De Mnestra

iPad App 

  • Mythology as never shown before: Thor, Odin, Freya, Frost Giants, Seeresses and Magical Artifacts in their original settings.
  • 250 pages, 1 hour of video and subtly engineered interactive features to discover the fascinating mysteries of the Old North.
  • Breathtaking HD reproductions of ancient manuscripts.
  • Ergonomically & aesthetically the next step in digital publishing : exclusive and unpublished content, entirely written, produced and developed for the the iPad.
  • Everything you need to get ready for Ragnarök!

For those who wish to know more about Nordic Mythology, Dreams of Valhalla is the most comprehensive and innovative resource ever produced for the iPad. Whether one is an expert on the matter or a role player who wants to know where its avatar comes from, Dreams of Valhalla provides the most valuable information in a stunning digital environment. 60 minutes of video, amazing interactive features, including HD reproductions of Icelandic manuscripts, for a total of 250 pages of richly illustrated content: an immersion in the history and the stories of one of the peaks of humanity’s cultural legacy.

Produced in partnership with the University of Strasbourg, experts from the Universities of Berlin and Copenhagen, the National Museum of Denmark, the Roskilde Vikingship Museum an the VikingCenter of Ribe.

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