jueves, 10 de mayo de 2018

Distoriam: folk metal from Vinland

Desde Canadá,
primer álbum de Distoriam 
de lo que podría ser una serie discos de temática vikinga:

From Canada,
first album of Distoriam
of what could be a series Viking-themed discs:

Chapter I: Vinlanders

Frakkur The Wise - Irish bouzouki, Violin, PibGorn, harsh and clean vocals 
Sir Thomas Samæl Friedrik Rex I - Baritone guitar, harsh and clean vocals 
Sophie the Tavern Wench - Keyboards, Hurdy-Gurdy and Back Vocals. 
Sieur Le Brave - Lead guitar and Back Vocals 
Le-Tappeux du Pied-Chaussé - Mandolin, Flute and Back Vocals 
Stormblood - Bass Guitar and Back Vocals 
Le Brigand - Drums

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