viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Viking sword: Clontarf (Albion Europe)

The Clontarf

This style of Viking era sword is referred to as a Type K hilt in Petersen's Typology, due to the distinctive five-lobed pommel and straight guard. Find places for this hilt form are broadly distributed across Europe and as far south as the Balkans, dating from the late 9th into the late 10th centuries.

The hilt components are investment cast in mild steel from original waxes carved by Leif Hansen under the direction of Peter Johnsson, based on Peter's first-hand examination and documentation of period originals of this type.

The blade is classified as a Geibig Type 2 (which some consider a sub-classification of the Oakeshott Type X), hand-ground from high-carbon steel to a fine satin finish, heat-treated by hand for maximum flexibility and to take a fine edge.

Overall length: 91 cm (35.875")
Blade Length: 77 cm (30.375")
Blade width: 6 cm (2.25")
CoB: 16 cm (6.375")
CoP: 50 cm (20.625")
Weight (approx.): 1 kg (2.25 lbs)

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