domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Música: Wizard


Grupo alemán formado a la sombra de Manowar en 1989. 
Tiene dos discos conceptuales con historias vikingas:
Odin (2003) y Thor (2009)

Asgard (Thor - 2009)

See the shining place,
high in eternal space.
Across Heimdall's bridge
you have to go.
Unreachable for you and me.
We will never see
the home of the gods.
This holy land.

Asgard, Asgard.
The home of the Gods
Asgard, Asgard
This holy land

Built with giants power.
In the center Odin's tower.
A stronghold tall.
But one day it will fall.
When giants are running,
Suturs flames are coming.
The gods will facetheir destiny.

Hall of Odin (Odin - 2003)

A hall of gold, shines in the night
A hall for warriors, is our guide
For men and women, with honour and pride
Where the strong and brave lived inside

The hall of Odin shines in the night
The hall of Odin is my guide

So strong so wise is the lord of this hall
Power and greatness he brings us all
The one-eyed the wanderer, the provider of war
Hail him now give him all

The hall of Odin shines in the night
The hall of Odin

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