domingo, 30 de abril de 2017


Brisbane, Australia
Voyage to Eternity (2017)

Lachlan Neate – Lead Vocals, Mandolin & Cello 
Anthony Willis – Guitar & Vocals 
Lucas Fisher – Guitar & Vocals 
Sophie Christensen – Low Whistle & Tin Whistle 
Matthew Grimley – Bass Guitar 
Morgan Cox – Drums 
- - -
Composing/Mixing/Producing: Anthony Willis 
Lyrics: Lachlan Neate 
Mastering: Steve Nagasaki 
Album Artwork: Justine Malcontento

Upon the Shores

Banners raised daylight fades 

As darkness consumes all in sight 

Sand and stone our earthly throne 

Embracing the last winter’s night 

Come torn in hand upon the sand 

Our weapons raised to the sky 

In Odin’s eyes our battle cries 

To Valhalla we fly 

Leaving the mortal behind

In my earthen tomb enshrined

Here upon the crimson shore

My soul lives on forevermore

Fare thee well for sleep awaits

Take our place beyond the stars 

In eternity’s embrace 

Ride for glory victory is ours 

Here we ride (we ride) across the land of time (we fight) 
Here we ride (we ride) until the morning light (we die) 
Here we ride (we ride) beyond the crimson tide (we fight)

Across the Frozen Ocean

lyricsThe vast abyss surrounding future undefined Trapped in the tempest and ravages of time 

The distant glimmer of the dawn horizon calls 
Caressed by the ocean the winter sun is born 

And with my waking eyes I see the distant shores of home 
And in my dreams I see the shores of home 

I’m drifting away like a fading memory (at the mercy of the winter so cold) 
Lost where only waves will bury me (icy fingers clutch to the soul) 
I long for the times when stars cascade from the heavens and into the sea (into the sea) 
For that is the moment, that is the moment when I bring home back to me 

Born of the tide take the wind in our stride 
As the depths beckon below 
Sons of the waves at the prow as it sways 
‘Cross the frozen ocean we go 

Sleep soothes with hollow words 
While waking mocks with disdain 
Time and tide wait for no man 
But the embrace of stars remain


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