sábado, 8 de julio de 2017


A Danish viking music project, inspired by old scandinavian instruments and sounds blended with modern ways to enchance the experience and sound.
In the Hervarar saga, it is where Hjalmar and Orvar-Odd fought Angantyr and his brothers, the sons of Arngrim. Later, Angantyr's daughter Hervor steps ashore in the quest to claim the enchanted sword Tyrfing from the barrow-wight of her own father.

In collaboration with Sigurboði Grétarsson (ISL). 


Móðir girndar 

ok ásæki, 

Fögr sem nóttin, 

í járnviði dvelr

þrjá risa ber hon

þrjá risa el hon

Mother of lust 
and haunt
Beautiful as the night
In ironwood dwells
Three giants she births
Three giants she raises

Ulfhednar - free download in Bandcamp

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