sábado, 4 de febrero de 2012

Whisky Hjarta, de las islas Orcadas

Hjarta is a natural strength 12 year old Highland Park expression available only from the distillery, in our on-line shop and in Scandinavia, limited to approximately 3,900 bottles. Orkney has never forgotten its Scandinavian heritage; Hjarta is the ancient Norse word for ‘heart’ and the whisky has been launched to mark the total refurbishment of our visitor centre, itself a celebration of the rich history of the Islands.

The whisky has been created by Max MacFarlane, Whisky Maker, and is bottled at 58.1% ABV.


Appearance: Deep amber, clear and bright.

Nose: Close scrutiny of this intense 12 year old natural strength malt reveals a glorious combination of rich, dried fruits, aromatic spice and heather, caramelised pineapple and fresh lemon peel subtly intertwined with hints of delicate smoke.

Palate: Rich flavour delivery, mouth-coating silky vanilla sweetness and hints of coconut converging in an exquisite balance of sweet, heather peat smokiness.

Finish: Long, gentle and smoky.

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