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Draken Harald Hårfagre - East Coast Tour 2018

Draken Harald Hårfagre

Expedition America - East Coast Tour 2018 

Del 9 de julio hasta el 20 de octubre, saliendo y regresando desde Mystic Seaport, y visitando 14 puertos de la costa este norteamericana.

  • El nombre se debe al rey Harald I, el de Hermosos Cabellos, del que se decía que prefería estar en alguno de sus barcos que en un castillo. 
  • El barco se construyó cerca de Avaldsnes, lugar donde vivió y fue enterrado este rey.
  • Los trabajos finalizaron en 2012.
  • El viaje inaugural fue en la primavera del 2013. Entre mayo y septiembre, el barco fue tripulado por voluntarios que hicieron prácticas de navegación por la costa noruega y participaron en el Festival Vikingo de Karmoy.
  • El 26 de abril del 2016 partió hacia América desde Haugesund, Noruega.

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Runes To My Memory

Runes to my memory / Amon Amarth

(With Oden on Our Side / Metal Blade Records, 2006)
  • Amon Amarth

    • Johan Hegg − vocals
    • Olavi Mikkonen − guitar
    • Johan Söderberg − guitar
    • Ted Lundström − bass
    • Fredrik Andersson − drums


    • Jens Bogren – production, engineering, mixing
    • Anders "Shadow" Ström – additional recording
    • Thomas Eberger – mastering

Official video

    We rode the rivers of the Eastern trail,
    Deep in the land of the Rus'.
    Following the wind in our sails,
    And the rhythm of the oars.
    No shelter in this hostile land,
    Constantly on guard.
    Ready to fight and defend
    Our ship 'til the bitter end.

    We came under attack,
    I received a deadly wound.
    A spear was forced into my back
    Still I fought on.

    When I am dead,
    Lay me in a mound.
    Raise a stone for all to see
    Runes carved to my memory

    Now here I lay on the river bank
    A long, long way from home
    Life is pouring out of me
    Soon I will be gone.

    I tilt my head to the side
    And think of those back home
    I see the river rushing by
    Like blood runs from my wound.

    Here I lie on wet sand,
    I will not make it home.
    I clinch my sword in my hand,
    Say farewell to those I love.

    When I am dead,
    Lay me in a mound.
    Place my weapons by my side
    For the journey to Hall up high
    When I am dead,
    Lay me in a mound.
    Raise a stone for all to see
    Runes carved to my memory

    Live Wacken 2012


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    Qué triste es contar, cosa es conocida, 
    la muerte de un hijo…

    Relieve en bronce con Egil Skallagrímsson llevando a su hijo muerto.
    Anne-Marie Nielsen, parque Skallagrímsgarður park en Borgarnes. 

    Sonatorrek o La pérdida irreparable de los hijos es una poesía incluida en la Saga de Egil Skallagrímsson, compuesta por este poeta guerrero islandés tras la muerte de su hijo Bodvarr, ahogado durante una tormenta. 

    Fragmento del libro Territorio Vikingo

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    Entrevista en La aventura del saber, 2

    Pequeña entrevista en el programa La aventura del saber (28/06/18) - RTVE / La 2

    Enlace al programa completo

    Vídeo con la entrevista

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    Song for Odin

    Song for Odin (A Cappella)

    I sing of the tales of the wanderer 

    The rider of Yggdrasill 

    He gave up an eye into Mimir's well 

    Where deeply, he drank his fill 

    For nine long nights, old Hárr, 

    hung he In search of the spoken spell 

    The runes that he found drew sounds for man 

    And down, from the tree, he fell 

    A snake, he slid through Gunnloð's court 

    The mead of poetry sought 

    Three sips, and he fled as eagle's wing 

    By Suttung, was never caught 

    Two sticks on a beach Hárbarð had found 

    His brothers heard his call 

    He gave his own breath and his blood to the wood 

    And told them of his Hall 

    Valhalla holds the Einherjar 

    Who'll fight on Vigrið plain. 

    As fenrir sinks his fangs to the bone 

    The life of Odin will wane 

    Fear not, my kin, of the Ragnarók 

    For Fimbultýr truly has won 

    He saw his own death at the end of time 

    And whispered this to his son

    Völuspá - Die Weissagung aus der Lieder - Edda


    Album: Mythos Hildebrandslied

    Lyrics (Old Norse and English)
    Ask veit ek standa,
    heitir Yggdrasill
    hár baðmr, ausinn
    hvíta auri;
    þaðan koma döggvar
    þærs í dala falla;
    stendr æ yfir grœnn
    Urðar brunni.
    Þaðan koma meyjar
    margs vitandi
    þrjár, ór þeim sal
    er und þolli stendr;
    Urð hétu eina,
    aðra Verðandi,
    skáru á skíði,
    Skuld ina þriðju;
    þær lög lögðu,
    þær líf kuru
    alda börnum,
    örlög seggja.
    An ash I know it stands-
    It is named Yggdrasill.
    High tree, sprinkled,
    With white mud;
    There from come the dews-
    That fall on the dale!
    It stands always green, above-
    The source of Urdhr.
    There from come the maids,
    Much knowing;
    Three, their dwelling,
    Stands under the tree;
    Urdh is named one,
    The other Verdhandi,
    - They notched (scored) wood -
    Skuld is the third.
    They set up the laws,
    They decided on the lives,
    Of the children of time ('the children of man').
    They promulgate fate.

    If I Had a Heart | Fever Ray

    Cover by Aries

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