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Amon Amarth. Deceiver of the Gods

Resultado de imagen de Amon Amarth. Deceiver of the Gods

Noveno album de Amon Amarth publicado por Metal Blade en junio del 2013.

Johan Hegg − lead vocals
Johan Söderberg − guitars
Olavi Mikkonen − guitars
Ted Lundström − bass
Fredrik Andersson − drums

Messiah Marcolin (ex-Candlemass) − guest vocals on "Hel"

Production: Andy Sneap (producer, mixing, mastering)
Artwork: Tom Thiel 
  1. Deceiver of the Gods
  2. As Loke Falls
  3. Father of the Wolf
  4. Shape Shifter
  5. Under Siege
  6. Blood Eagle
  7. We Shall Destroy
  8. Hel (featuring Messiah Marcolin of ex-Candlemass)
  9. Coming of the Tide
  10. Warriors of the North
BONUS: "Under the Influence" EP (Limited 2 CD digipak edition)
  1. Burning Anvil of Steel
  2. Satan Rising
  3. Snake Eyes
  4. Stand Up to Go Down 

Father of the Wolf

Screenplay By: Daniel J.W. Hughes
Story By: Ramon Boutviseth
Starring: Davis Osborne & Ryan Barringer
Executive Producers: Brian Slagel & Justin Arcangel
Produced & Directed by Ramon Boutviseth

As Loke Falls (with lyrics)

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Comic: Thor, for Asgard

Thor: for Asgard es una miniserie de la Marvel escrita por Rob Rodi, dibujada por Simone Bianchi y que publicada entre septiembre del 2010 y abril del 2011. Asgard está envuelto en oscuros sucesos, con los asgardianos divididos en diversas facciones, Odín desaparecido (y del que se sabrá un viejo y terrible secreto), Balder muerto... Thor tendrá que hacer frente a todos los problemas, incluido la pérdida de Mjollnir.

Published: September 01, 2010

Beginning an epic adventure showcasing the God of Thunder as you've never seen him before! The vassals of Asgard are in armed revolt...Odin is missing...Balder is dead...and the entire continent is battered by a years-long winter. How can Thor put the empire back together – especially with his mighty hammer Mjolnir mysteriously denied him?

Published: October 06, 2010

The epic adventure continues, with the god of thunder as you've never seen him before! As endless winter rages, the Asgardian court dissolves into bitter factions, and a shocking death prompts Thor to depart his troubled capitol at its moment of greatest peril. Plus: an electrifying revelation about Odin! You'll never look at the All-Father the same way again!

Published: November 10, 2010

The epic miniseries continues, showcasing the God of Thunder as you've never seen him before! With Asgard still reeling from dissension, war, and endless winter, the underworld goddess Hela seizes the moment to strike decimating not only the Asgardians' future, but their legendary past as well! Meanwhile, Odin learns the shocking consequences of the atrocity he committed eons ago...and Thor confronts a suicide bomber in the ranks of his own elite guard!

Published: December 02, 2010

Racing towards the conclusion of this epic miniseries, featuring the god of thunder as you've never seen him before! After the deadliest attack yet on Asgard's very foundations, a presence from the past resurfaces to show Thor the true state of his crumbling empire, and to point him towards the solution... a shockingly final solution. Also, Odin pays the ultimate price for his long-hidden, unspeakable crime. 

Published: February 02, 2011

The epic miniseries concludes, with the god of thunder as you've never seen him before! Asgard's empire is in upheaval...Asgard Palace is under siege... and Thor has lost his hammer, his throne—his very life! At his lowest ebb, in his darkest hour, the son of Odin undertakes the most audacious feat of his career, in a spectacular attempt to trigger a new age of heroes.

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TV: Tales of the Vikings

Con el nombre de Tales of The Vikings se emitió una serie de televisión en Estados Unidos en los años 1959-60, producida por Kirk Douglas (Brynaprod, S.A. Production) para United Artists Television.

En total fueron 39 capítulos de 30 minutos con algunos personajes fijos, siendo protagonistas Jerome Courtland en el papel de Leif Erikson y Buddy Baer como su fiel amigo Haldar.

Esta serie fue rodada en Ontario (Canadá) y se aprovecharon los decorados, vestuario y barcos de la película The Vikings (1958), de la que Kirk Douglas fue el principal actor y productor.

Sintonía de la serie

From out of the North like an icy wind
Came Odin's fair warriors breed

With broadaxe and spear they followed a star
Adventure and glory their need

They conquered the seas in their dragon ships
Fought bravely in many a land

For the Valkyrie maids will come for the man
Who dies with a sword in his hand

Episode Guide compiled by The Classic TV Archive with contributions by: Tom Alger, Christopher Miller. References: Library of Congress (telnet:// Internet Movie Database (

01. Tales of the Vikings: SARACEN GOLD

A Viking prisoner rescued by Leif speaks of hidden treasure in the Saracen country.

02. Tales of the Vikings: THE WEAPON

King Harald Bluetooth has seized Longford, the only narrow passage in the region for ships to reach the open sea. Any ships trying to pass are mysteriously burned by an invisible "god-fire." Leif and his men are determined to break through to find and destroy the secret weapon.

03. Tales of the Vikings: PEDIGREE

Because Leif desperately needs meat for his men, he lands on the island of Guernsey. When he attempts to buy cows and a prize bull from the lord of the island, his offer produces a conflict.

04. Tales of the Vikings: JOURNEY TO BRETLAND

(No synopsis available)

05. Tales of the Vikings: SHIPWRECK

(No synopsis available)

06. Tales of the Vikings: THE WITCH 

A beautiful stowaway is accused of bringing danger when lightning strikes Leif's ship during a thunderstorm.

07. Tales of the Vikings: RETURN OF THE VIKING 

Leif returns home after two years at sea and receives a stormy welcome.

08. Tales of the Vikings: THE BREAD OF LIFE 

A famine prompts Leif to trade his fabled sword for a supply ship, which can save his tribesmen from starvation.

09. Tales of the Vikings: THE TREASURE

When Leif seems too anxious to buy a particular slave, a pirate grows suspicious.

10. Tales of the Vikings: THE BLACK STONE 

Leif’s ship is grounded during a fog. An itinerant monk persuades Leif to go ashore and look for a magic stone which would allow the Vikings to navigate by the North Star. Leif’s party is accused of trying to steal the local king’s gold which will cause a war.

11. Tales of the Vikings: THE MADNESS

Leif tackles with a brave man who has become obsessed with fear.

12. Tales of the Vikings: THE RANSOM

Astrid is kidnapped and to pay her ransom, Lief is told that he must lead a force in an attack on England.

13. Tales of the Vikings: BANISHED WOMAN 

Leif searches for a strange remedy thought to be the only cure for the ailing Queen Elfrida. In his quest he is aided by a girl exiled from her village.

14. Tales of the Vikings: COLD STEEL

(No synopsis available)

15. Tales of the Vikings: THE THING 

(No synopsis available)

16. Tales of the Vikings: THE OATHBREAKER

A tribal chieftain and his sister plot to overthrow their king and take power themselves.

17. Tales of the Vikings: RETURN OF AUD

Leif tries to get a wife for the trainer of a performing bear. On the search he encounters Aud, who proves that her nature is a fiery one.

18. Tales of the Vikings: PORT OF THIEVES

A slave kidnaps his master's daughter and takes her to a port notorious for its thieves, pirates and slave-traders.

19. Tales of the Vikings: VICTORY SAGA

Leif learns a lesson in modesty when, jealous of the triumphant tale related by a victorious Viking, he embarks on a mission in search of glory.

20. Tales of the Vikings: TREASURE OF ERIN

Regaled with wondrous reports of the distant land of Erin, Leif andFinn embark on a journey to that country. There, Leif must clear himself of charges brought against him because of his outward resemblance to a hated warrior who has terrorized the people.

21. Tales of the Vikings: THE BOWMAN

Shipwrecked, Leif and his men swim ashore without their weapons and arrive on hostile land. The ruler of the territory decides to behead them.

22.  Tales of the Vikings: THE DRAGON 

(No synopsis available)

23.  Tales of the Vikings: BLOOD SACRIFICE

A man who has tried vainly to induce rain, decides to offer himself as a sacrifice.

24. Tales of the Vikings: THE NOBLE THRALL

A visiting monarch demands a royal captive when he grows suspicious of his host's delay in receiving him.

25. Tales of the Vikings: FALSE NABOUR

(No synopsis available)

26. Tales of the Vikings: DOOM AT THE ALL-THING

(No synopsis available)

27. Tales of the Vikings: DAYS OF BLOOD

(No synopsis available)

28. Tales of the Vikings: HOUSE DIVIDED

(No synopsis available)

29. Tales of the Vikings: A MARRIAGE OF STATE

(No synopsis available)

30. Tales of the Vikings: THE SHIELD

A rival Viking chieftain blinds Leif's master craftsman and attempts to kill Leif.

31. Tales of the Vikings: THE MERCHANTS OF VENICE

(No synopsis available)

32. Tales of the Vikings: THE VOYAGE

Leif and Halder are taken aboard an English ship. Unknown to the crew, the captain, a man of iron discipline, is planning to steal the cargo.

33. Tales of the Vikings: THE WOMEN

Leif and Finn arrive in the village where Halder is to be married, and find bloodshed instead of festivity.

34. Tales of the Vikings: THE DIPLOMAT

(No synopsis available)

35. Tales of the Vikings: GALLEY SLAVES

Tricked by a pirate, Leif and Haldar are forced onto his ship where they serve him as galley slaves.

36. Tales of the Vikings: THE BARBARIAN

Abandoned as dead on the battlefield, Leif struggles for his life and freedom from a barbarian chieftain.

37. Tales of the Vikings: THE SALT MINE 

(No synopsis available)

38. Tales of the Vikings: THE MERCENARIES

A man who wants to replace the present ruler trumps up a fight over a new ax and sends for mercenaries.

39. Tales of the Vikings: THE HAREM DANCER (final episode)

A caliph’s daughter and his favorite dancing girl try to persuade Leif and Finn to secure their freedom.

(Capítulo sin emitir) Tales of the Vikings: THE HILL OF THE LAW

The viscious Otar, (Keiron Moore) unfairly forces his neighbors into a blood feud, causng several deaths. Leif intervenes, attempting to forestall further killings by having Otar tried, judged and punished through legal means. 

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Viking metal internacional

The Mia Zapata (México)

Odyssey (España)

Wolfhead (Rep. Checa)

Burning Shadows (USA)

Skilfingar (Alemania)

Thorr-Axe (USA)

FallenHall (Canarias, España)

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Música: Lord Wind

Lord Wind
Pagan Darkwave/Folk/Medieval (Polonia)
Solo project of Rob Darken

  • "Forgotten Songs" (1995, demo) 
  • Forgotten Songs (1996) 
  • Heralds of Fight (2000) 
  • Rites of the Valkyries (2001) 
  • Atlantean Monument (2006) 
  • Ales Stenar (2012)

Gates Of Valhalla

When Death comes
We will stand at Valhalla's gates
Gods will look at us and ask:
What did you do for your folk and soil?
Did you fight bravely and died in fight?

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Animaciones Vikingas 2

Segunda entrega de animaciones vikingas

Formidlingscenter Fugledegård/Naturpark Åmosen



Directed by: Ludovic Begue, Thomas Enjalbert, Mathieu Gebauer, Boris Rodrigues, Charlotte Vallet

Music: Romain Paillot ; Musicians : Blake Robinson, Hannes Frischat

Sounds Recording and Mix: José Vicente, Yoann Poncet

Ecole Supérieure Des Métiers Artistiques de Toulouse 2013

animation 3D
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