lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Carbonized - Death Silence

Carbonized, canción inspirada en La Saga de Yago (Manuel Velasco, 1999).
Death Silence fue un grupo Death/Black metal de Barcelona.


Bleeding easier as I didn’t doubt about my words
Flesh shreeded ritually for an experienced sword
I sent a recall, the last of my life?
My heart beats strong under my father’s Mjöllnir Carbonized

A Dragon throught the mist...
An arrow throught the sky!!!

Shorts memories comes to me
Smalls Pieces of my life
No one can show my will

He toke my father’s life
I toke my first revenge
And meanwhile I can see beyond the flames…

…the eyes of Aino…

Death, Screams, Flames,
Seas, Waves, Winds,
Hate, Fear, War,
Quite, Calm, Slow…

My thoughts returns to fight
From the THING, from my new name
Yago Gunnarfostri
The Fear slides over my body
An instinctive backhand
And I get off you from NÁSTRÁ!

Now the planets and the stars
Allow me hear the sphere’s raphsody
And one more time, the last of my life
My heart beats strong under my fathers Mjöllnir Carbonized!

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