miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

Libro: Warrior Poet ~ Musings of an Asatru Warrior

In his eBook, Warrior Poet ~ Musings of an Asatru Warrior, Robert Allard has written a collection of fifteen evocative poems and kennings, in the style of the poetic Eddas and brings to a modern day world the excitement and atmosphere of the ancient warrior ways.
For this months column, I thought you would enjoy learning more about this author and how his chosen path of Asatru led him to write this engaging eBook.


From days gone by the warriors stand
Many ages Midgard calls it’s own
Shield walls collided oft
Axe and sword master dance in conflict

A day full of heroes falling
For family and kin
To the hall of the high one
Our ancestor sits

What cause could be so grand
Freedom a right hold dear
But to defend our land
That we fight without fear

Hail to the heroes
Defenders of our land
The thunderer’s pride is hard to gain
Battle for justice is never vain

Lets be bold in life
And in love be passionate
Stand by our actions
For the Norns seldom forget our fate

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