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Fire + Ice

(Originally released in 1996)

Fire + Ice - Runa

A folk album like "Runa" had never been released, and there have been none comparable to it since, making it a classic "must have" for Fire + Ice fans and those interested in Runes. This CD is totally focused on spiritual intellectual research in runes. This album was in high demand, but out of print for a very long time, so Fremdheit presents this as number two in the back catalogue after "Gilded by the Sun." 

After several successful albums Ian left Sol Invictus to study the fighting arts and magick in Germany and then, on returning to England, Ian formed Fire + Ice as a means of spreading the Word of Northern European magick and tradition through music but also to entertain in the way of the bards, scops and gleemen of ancient Europe. FIRE + ICE takes the purity and philosophy of early music and melds it into a message redolent with the powerful seeds of honour truth, loyalty and the bond of true friendship.

  • Vocals – Ian Read
  • Backing Vocals – Katerina
  • Guitar, Keyboards – Ian Pirrie
  • Keyboards, Percussion, Flute, Guitar, Backing Vocals – Matthew Butler


Full album in Spotify

 Fire+Ice live at Runes+Men (2014)

- Dragons in the Sunset
- Lord of Secrets
- Nimm
- Treasure House
- Long Lankin
- Greyhead
- Cutty Wren
- Ælfsiden
- Jubal and Tubal Cain
- Gilded by the Sun
- Take My Hand
- Fractured Again

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