viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

Musica: Eliwagar (NOR)

El disco Eliwagar (Heaten Pride Records, 2014) está disponible en dos ediciones distintas:
-CD digipack, con un booklet de 20 pgs., traducción al inglés de los textos y 4 pegatinas.
-Vinilo en edición limitada (300 copias), incluyendo un bonus track.

The disc Eliwagar (Heaten Pride Records, 2014) is available in two different editions:
-CD digipack with a booklet of 20 pgs., English translation of texts and 4 stickers.
-Vinyl limited edition (300 copies), including a bonus track.

My inspiration comes from deep within myself, from the times of old, from my spiritual connection to my motherland, to nature and to my ancestors. The beauty of nature is not only to be seen with your eyes, but to be seen with your spirit, this is the moment when both nature and spirit intertwine and the connection between the physical and spiritual realm become one. When you listen to the whispers from the heart of nature, no words can translate this language, it is only to be felt as music and melodies...

Eliwagar's lyrics are inspired by Norwegian Folklore and a lifestyle in harmony with nature. Me and my husband Bjørn Dahl, who is the guitarist of Eliwagar since 2010, live in a farm in the Norwegian mountains where our aim is to be as close as possible to self sufficiency. We live our life in harmony with the seasons, in harmony with ourselves and with a love for the earth and nature, this provides perfect inspiration.

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