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eBook: In The Footsteps of Rurik

In The Footsteps of Rurik

In The Footsteps of Rurik
A guide to the Viking History of Northwest Russia
Dan Carlsson & Adrian Sel

Vikings in Russia
  • The Viking World
  • The Eastern Connection
  • Runic Inscriptions
  • Trade Routes
  • Towns in the Viking World
  • Politics and Assimilation
Places to Visit
  • In the Footsteps of Rurik
  • Staraya Ladoga
  • Gorodiche and Novgorod
  • Izborks and Pskov
  • Gnevzdovo and Smolerks
  • Sarkoye Gorodische and Rostov
  • Timerevo and Petrovskoe Jaroslavi
  • Beelozero, Kirilov and Sugorie
  • Kurkijoki and sourrunding
Further readings
  • General Literature
  • Chronicles and Sagas
  • Articles and Books
  • Literature for the specific sites

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