lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

Fjorsvartnir (DK)


Melodic black metal from Copenhagen, 
deep and gloomy atmosphere filled with majestic ambient passages.

Legions of the north 

We are standing 
Proud and armed 
We are ready 
To fight and kill 
for our mighty god Odin 

With our elite weapons 
Created by our gods 
We will conquer 
All other yet unknown lands 

For we will win this massive war 
Without doubts 
All enemies we will kill 
In a big great slaughter 
And all of their small bitches 
We shall rape 

We are the legions, of the north 
All of our warriors are berserks 

The Viking warriors are elite and they will kill 
All of your silly southern kinds 
We will treat you armies with no mercy 
Get ready to meet your destiny 

Your blood, will flow, under my feet’s 
Your skull, will split, under attack by my axe 

Life taken after life 
All they will die 
And rapes after this battle 
That will become our price 

Heads are rolling, under our feet’s, this is our fun 
Blood is flowing under our knees, soon all are dead 

Fire and more fire 
Their cities we are burning 
Meat and more meat 
To strength us for more battles 

Dead bodies in a big pile, to show our victory 
Dead clouds from burning the dead, will scare next city on our way

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