domingo, 26 de noviembre de 2017

Sleeping woodland

Андрей Кошевой / Andrey Koshevoi

This legend begins since very Ancient times when the brave sons of the North ruled this glorious land, named Sleepland. This peaceful country had been ruled by the Race of Kings till it faced a mighty power of the Woodlands’ attackers. As the Prophecy tells it was the wrath of the Ancient Gods, who had brought down the mighty fellowship and all the power warriors were expelled from their native land, and the way there became covered with a veil of mists. Nobody knew what had happened to the rulers of these lands and why the path to the Northern seas was cursed… 
Years passed, and once, a descendant of the Northern kings Thorgard by name had a vision. He learned that the time to return the lost Ancient land of his Forefathers came, but a really great warrior had to be chosen to lead the ship thought the waves and mists. The warrior had to resist the impacts of disasters, had to be able to return the path to the Northern seas for fellowship and break the Gods’ curse. The Ruler had lots of brave and faithful warriors and each of them could give his life for the Northern lands, but there was no the Warrior. So the wise Thorgard once gathered his courageous and ready to sail to the Northern seas men on the seashore and told them about his vision. Thorgard looked at the fellowship and saw light brighter than the star shine in one’s eyes and heard a heartbeat through hundreds of other sounds. He found him, the Warrior. He was the one written about in the prophecy!!! He was Halmar – chosen by the Gods!!!  
With the first sunshine rays the fellowship started sailing to the Northern seas. Drakkar so famous in the sea battles had been one of the courageous warriors itself now became home for the heroes. Storm-clouds were brewing and the shroud of mist covered the Drakkar. The path became harder and harder. Only the bright hymns of Scald really helped our brave sons of The Northern lands. Suddenly, the surface of the sea became waves and all the fury of the winds hit the board. So they met the great storm from prophecy and none seemed to be able to escape his inglorious death. But Halmar rose from his knees and covered all the warriors with his shield from the furious winds and waves. After the long battle with his shield in his hands he helped one sunray to break through the Grey mists and cold dark waves. The Ship passed the obstacle and before the fellowship appeared Sleepland – the forgotten land of their Forefathers. The prophecy became true, and the brave warriors went ashore in the sunset. They were met by the native lands and fjords, cold winds and songs of the sea surf. But would the paths on these lands be so glorious? And what adventures would wait for our Sons of the North in the next battle?

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