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ICS Vortex - Odin's Tree

Simen Hestnæs, más conocido como ICS Vortex o simplemente Vortex, es un músico de noruego que ha formado parte de las bandas Borknagar, Arcturus o Dimmu Borgir. En 2011 grabó un disco con su propio proyecto: Storm Seeker.


  • 1998: The Archaic Course
  • 2000: Quintessence
  • 2010: Universal (Invitado especial, hace su aparición en la canción "My Domain")
  • 2012: Urd
  • 2016: Winter Thrice
  • 1997: La Masquerade Infernale
  • 2005: Sideshow Symphonies
ICS Vortex
  • 2011: Storm Seeker
Dimmu Borgir
  • 1999: Spiritual Black Dimensions
  • 2001: Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
  • 2003: Death Cult Armageddon
  • 2007: In Sorte Diaboli

Odin's tree
When water is pouring in and all the rats are jumping ship
Beware the hanged man' stare 'coz he was there as
You are here on the edge
Sacrifice a victory, renounce and you will gain
See loss from a new perspective, insanity makes sane
Receive control by letting go, move fourth by standing still
Free your false securities, rise above this hill
The wisdom of the hanged man. Complex. Simple
Mysterious and open, when visiting the edge
Use him as a dredge to deepen shallow waters
A wedge to force a way
Chanting on a lie will not make it true one day
Surrender to higher wisdom, reverse and you'll advance
Navigate your naked soul, contentment gives a trance
Erase your grip and calm your waters, take time now just to be
Cut the anchor that pulls you under
Loose the noose, now you are free
The wisdom of the hanged man. Complex. Simple
Mysterious and open. When you walk the blade
You must learn the trade
Shark infested waters carry you to open sea
From darkened skies the sun arise
You equalize as dead weight vaporize
When your ship comes in one day
When planks click into place
The lessons learnt will shine in you
The glory on once burnt
Pass the tale of rats at sea
Be sure to get it straight
When you hang in Odin's tree
The runes received are never ever free

ICS Vortex - Odin's Tree

  • Storm Seeker

    - The Blackmobile
    - Odin's Tree
    - Skoal!
    - Dogsmacked
    - Aces
    - Windward
    - When Shuffled Off
    - Oil in Water
    - Storm Seeker
    - Flaskeskipper
    - The Sub Mariner

    ICS Vortex - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, mouth harp on "Skoal!"
    Cyrus - lead guitars on tracks 1, 2 & 7
    Arne Martinussen - hammond organ on tracks 3 & 6, piano on track 9
    Asgeir Mickelson - drums, fx on "Flakeskipper"

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