jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Moneda vikinga de la Isla de Man

Isle of Man
Viking Ship
Noble - 1995
Bimetalic Gold & Platinum

This beautiful coin was a one-year issue and depicts the image of a Viking Longship in platinum surrounded by a gold ring. First used as a coin design over 650 years ago, it is the world’s oldest denomination still being used today. First introduced in the Middle Ages in England during the reign of King Edward II, it soon became one of the most popular coins in Europe. The Isle of Man – a dependency of the British Crown – reintroduced the Noble denomination in 1983. 

The Viking ship is a reminder of the Isle of Man’s status as an island conquered by the Vikings 1,200 years ago. In addition to its stunning design, this was the first coin ever produced as a bimetallic gold and platinum coin. It was struck from one-eighth ounce of platinum surrounded by a one-eighth ounce gold outer ring. 

This beautiful coin comes in a Mint issued display case with a Certificate of Authenticity and along with the bimetallic gold and platinum Angel issued simultaneously.

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