jueves, 21 de julio de 2011

Vídeo: Mjöllnir

Bradley W. Schenck - Webmator

It was dark past seeing... his pupils  like cavernous maw,could find not one glimmer... one chard of light in Asgard's canope.

Like a strand of golden hair, lonley comet broke the night and streaked the darkness, light years away long dead before a vision in his mind as he sat high in heavens perch a hammer 
Rested on his knees.

Thunder rumbled
Years below 
Quick light flashed
To fall to Earth once 


+ 200 maneras de representar al Martillo de Thor
+ 200 ways of representing the Thor's Hammer

Fotos tomadas de Internet
Photos taken Internet

Montaje/Edition: Manuel Velasco
Música/Music: Summoning

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