jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016

EREB ALTOR - Twilight Of The Gods

On Quorthon’s birthday...

BLOT · ILT · TAUT (Blood - Fire - Death)


Epic Viking Doom Metal
Tribute album for Quorthon and Bathory
(Cyclones Empire, 2016)

Mats - Vocals, Guitar & Keys  · Ragnar - Guitars & Vocals · Tord - Drums & Keys · Mikael - Bass & Vocals

Video filmed at Kilkim Zaibu 2014

1. A FINE DAY TO DIE (from “Blood Fire Death)
2. SONG TO HALL UP HIGH (from “Hammerheart)
3. HOME OF ONCE BRAVE (from “Hammerheart)
4. THE RETURN OF DARKNESS AND EVIL (from “Scandinavian Metal Attack”)
5. WOMAN OF DARK DESIRES (from “Under the sign of the Black Mark”)
6. TWILIGHT OF THE GODS (from “Twilight of the Gods”)
7. BLOOD FIRE DEATH (from “Blood Fire Death”)

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