lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Vikings animations on Vimeo

Ragnarök - End of Gods from Magnuzaki Labs

In a bleak and cold winter night, the old Viking chieftain Snorri writes the Sagas of the Nordic Gods. It's 1241 in the young Commonwealth of Iceland, a time of much chaos and political turmoil. Snorri knows his days are numbered, and attempts to fight his mortality with his one timeless gift: words.
The film depicts the imagined final moments of a man that left an insurmountable literary legacy to his country, while struggling to come to terms with his own personal loss and position in life.
The End of Gods is marred with dark omens, mystery and death, but also hope and renewal through the love and devotion Snorri demonstrates for his work--that which continues to pass the test of time.
Directed by - Hlynur Magnússon
Mediums: Stop-motion animation, shadow-puppets, digital, 16mm bolex, mixed media.

THING from Marion Leblanc

Jag Är from EMCA Angoulême 

Berserker from Mitchell Taylor

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