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The odinian wanderer

What is the Odinian Wanderer?

Extremely thorough, yet easy to read, the Odinian Wanderer is a magazine for anyone who loves Vikings, travel, or the medieval world. The articles found within tell the travels, trials, and triumph of the Vikings, focusing on sights that you, the reader, can go see. Covering a variety of locations in both time and space, we guarantee that there is an article just for you. Just like the figure our magazine was named after, we are in a constant search for knowledge. From sailing with Swedes, to visiting the Vinlandians, we love it all. The real question is: Where do you want to go?

Who are the Wanderers?

The Odinian Wanderer houses a number of talented, young writers who live, breath, and dream about Vikings and their travels. You will not find a more agog staff who wants to share their experiences with the Vikings. 

Volume 1, Issue 1
Viking Travel Magazine Extrodinaire

There and Back Again. Come explore Leif’s Eden and learn about the cause, function, and fate of Viking Vinland. By Patrick Jolicoeur

Sailing to Valhalla. Revisit the tremendous Gokstad ship burial in utmost detail. By Kim Kuffner

Museum of the Month. Frolic alongside real fake Vikings in this interesting village of yore. By Hilary Wood-McDonnell

The Stones Remember. Uncover the monumental stone traditions in Viking Britain. By Jennifer Clow

Exploring Mosefell. Rediscover the oft-forgotten microcosm that is Mosefell, Iceland. By Mercedes Hoelke

The Back Issue. Come listen to a fiery debate about European discovery of North America. By Patrick Jolicoeur

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