viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

Jack Kirby, dibujante de Thor

Jack Kirby Collector #36

We're celebrating the 40th anniversary of THOR in THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #36! To start things off, there's two incredible color Kirby Thor covers (inked by MIKE ROYER and TREVOR VON EEDEN)!

Inside, JOE SINNOTT and JOHN ROMITA JR. weigh in on their Thor work with new interviews, and we proudly present a never-published 1969 interview with JACK KIRBY, conducted by SHEL DORF!

There's also voluminous coverage of everyone's favorite Thunder God, including a look at the "real" Norse gods, and an exhaustive examination of Jack and Stan's Tales of Asgard!

Usual columnists MARK EVANIER and ADAM McGOVERN are also here, and to celebrate Thor's 40th birthday, we're featuring 40 pages of Kirby Thor pencils, including an amazing Kirby Art Gallery at TABLOID SIZE, with pin-ups, covers, and more!

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