viernes, 2 de octubre de 2015

Palabras inglesas de origen nórdico

Andy Mckie/ Jarl of the Volsung

Las 20 palabras inglesas más usadas (hay unas 200) de origen nórdico.

20 common English words of Old Norse origin

  1. anger (from angr)
  2. bag (from baggin)
  3. cake (from kaka)
  4. dirt (from drit)
  5. egg (identic Old Norse root; cognate in Danish as æg)
  6. fellow (from félagi)
  7. gift (identic Old Norse root)
  8. husband (from husbondi; cognate in Danish as husbond)
  9. ill (from illr)
  10. knife (from knifr)
  11. lad (from ladd)
  12. mistake (from mistaka)
  13. odd (from oddi)
  14. plow (from plogr)
  15. run (from renna)
  16. sale (from sala)
  17. take (from taka)
  18. until (a combination from und and til)
  19. want (from vanta)
  20. wrong (from rangr)
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