domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Cerveza de las islas Orcadas: Skull Splitter

Skull Splitter is our strongest ale: which is named after Thorfinn Einarsson who was the 7th Viking Earl of Orkney. Sophisticated, satiny smooth with a deceptively light character, it is a tribute to our colourful forbear.

On the nose, this strong beer has a fruity malt character, with hints of dark fruit, spicy hop, dates and figs.

On the palate, rich and complex with sweet toasted malt, molasses, fresh and dried fruit and hints of warming spices.

Appearance: Deep ruby red with a frothy, eggshell head. Sparse lacing is left on the glass.

Aroma: The malt overwhelms the hops, as with most ales from Scotland. Aromas of toffee and filberts are present.
Taste: Rather sweet, but not sickeningly so. Toasted malt is the predominant flavor with brown sugar and just a touch of European hops on the finish.

Mouthfeel: Viscous and clingy on the palate, yet finishes fairly clean for a sweeter beer.

1 comentario:

Sandra Ramon dijo...

Los amantes de la cerveza estan de enhorabuena, pues cada poco les vas descubriendo nuevas variedades.
Yo, en ese sentido, no soy demasiado vikinga...

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